Management Support

for GP Commissioning /


Management Support for GP Commissioning/Consortia is a newly launched service area offered by Alpha Primary Care. We offer expertise and skilled management resources in order to facilitate and support GP Commissioning and implementation of GP Consortia.


Alpha’s objectives are to:

Work with GP groups to improve the quality of services on offer, ultimately improving the outcomes and experience for patients by:

  • Assessing patients needs and their preferences
  • Accessing and designing effective and appropriate care pathways and service choices to meet those needs

To help facilitate and resource GPs to expand the services that they provide and to ensure they receive the rewards for these:

  • Offering expertise in procurement, contract management, benchmarking and review
  • Ensuring services are as clinically and cost efficient as possible
  • Support with managing local health budgets in order to create a sustainable local economy, as well as statutory and other management responsibilities

Sharing best practice systems and Alpha's knowledge and experience to ensure best practice commissioning by facilitating the development of new initiatives and supporting arrangements for strong partnerships/relationships between GP consortia/local authorities, NHS Commissioning Board and health care providers.


Why Alpha Primary Care?

Alpha is an established brand with proven methodologies and support

Alpha has expertise in procurement, contract management, benchmarking and review

Alpha has vast experience in strategic counsel and negotiation